The Only Diagnostic Lab Book You`ll Ever Need

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  • Basım Yılı:  2024

  • Basım Sayısı:  1

  • İç Sayfa Özellikleri:  Renkli,Kuşe Kağıt

  • Sayfa Sayısı:  448

  • Kitap Dili:  İngilizce

  • ISBN Numarası:  9781975194703

Concise, conversational, and easy to use at any level of healthcare experience, The Only Diagnostic Lab Book You’ll Ever Need clarifies the when, where, who, and how of diagnostic laboratory testing to help users make informed testing decisions and draw confident clinical conclusions.  

This approachable how-to guide focuses on the most commonly encountered profiles in everyday healthcare practice, regardless of specialty, making it the ideal introduction for PAs, nurses, NPAs and medical students embarking on their healthcare education, as well as residents, fellows, and practicing clinicians looking for a fast refresher. Straightforward, clinically oriented coverage walks users through selecting and employing the right diagnostic tests from the thousands available, accompanied by engaging case studies that strengthen clinical reasoning and streamline the effective application of lab results in the clinical decision-making process.  

  • Concise, focused approach instills essential understanding and retention of the most commonly employed diagnostic tests for everyday clinical practice. 

  • Streamlined coverage saves time with an emphasis on the most frequently encountered presentations and disorders.  

  • Case Studies provide critical practice making informed testing decisions for realistic clinical scenarios.  

  • 2024

  • 1

  • Renkli,Kuşe Kağıt

  • 448

  • İngilizce

  • 9781975194703


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