Hamilton Bailey`s Emergency Surgery,14th Edition

[Yazar]: William English    Phill Pearce   
[Yayınevi]: CRC Press

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  • Basım Yılı:  2024

  • Basım Sayısı:  14

  • İç Sayfa Özellikleri:  Renkli,Kuşe Kağıt

  • Sayfa Sayısı:  750

  • Kitap Dili:  İngilizce

  • ISBN Numarası:  9781032841366

The management of the injured and acutely unwell patients remains a cornerstone of surgical practice. Although techniques for assessment, investigation, and operative management of the emergency surgical patient may be drawn from elective practice; they also require expediency of decision making and constant consideration of both anatomical and physiological pathology. Hamilton Bailey’s Emergency Surgery 14e is the famous textbook of emergency surgery that defines these key principles.

Reflecting huge changes in the practice of emergency and general surgery over recent years, this new edition of Hamilton Bailey`s Emergency Surgery is designed to meet the needs of basic and higher surgical trainees. The thorough and diverse coverage of emergency surgical principles including important anaesthetic and physiological considerations and the use of damage control techniques alongside core topics in emergency surgery such as shock and response to injury, surgical infections, principles of wound management, and nutrition ensure that the clinician has evidence based medicine to rely on. The extensive range of trauma surgery chapters cover all the surgical sub-specialties as they relate to emergency surgery providing comprehensive coverage of acute care surgery.

The new edition of this highly regarded textbook on emergency surgery provides the necessary knowledge and evidence base to help the on call surgical trainee through the important decision-making process when treating acute surgical patients. In addition to guidance on relevant investigations and surgical techniques, emphasis is also placed on those non-technical skills including leadership and communication which are essential for the management of unwell patients.

General surgeons and those working in the emergency setting will benefit from the gold standard expertise provided in the 14th edition of Hamilton Bailey`s Emergency Surgery.

Part 1 - General Principles

1.     Principles of Emergency and Damage Control Surgery

Phill Pearce

2.     Imaging and Radiological Investigations

Tom Campion, William Pleming and Arman Parsai

3.     Anaesthesia and Paediatric Anaesthesia

Kim Russon, Sarah Greenaway, Andrew Follows and Thomas Smith

4.     Surgical Access

Mohit Kumar Joshi, Shafneed CH and Hemanga K Bhattacharjee

5.     Shock and Response to Injury

David N Nauman

6.     Surgical & Tropical Infections

Amit Gupta, Kapil Dev Soni, Harshit Agrawal, Madhur Uniyal and Mahesh C Misra

7.     Principles of Plastic Surgery, Wounds and Burns Management

Anna Payne, Dardan Popova and Susie Yao

8.     Nutrition in Surgery

Anthony Ramsanahie and Abigail D`Souza

9.     Quality & Safety Assurance in Surgery

Michael Bath and Tom Bashford

Part 2 – Trauma Surgery

      10. The Pathology of Trauma

Manik Chana

      11. Pre-Hospital Care of Traumatic Injury

Anne Weaver, Ruth Bird and Heather Storey

12.  Management of Trauma in the Emergency Department

Rich Carden

13.  Thoracic Trauma

Katherine-Helen Hurndall, Thomas Sullivan and Simon Glasgow

14.  Abdominal Trauma

Lalin Navaratne and Sarah Epton

15.  Vascular Trauma

Manik Chana

16.  Orthopaedic Trauma

Ang Swee Chai, Rishi Dhir, Peter Bates, Matthew Barry, Syed Aftab, Ramesh Nadarajah, Peter Bates, Pramod Achan, Kash Akhtar, Lee Parker, Ali Noorani, Adrian Carlos, Livio Di Mascio, Karolina Siwicka, Christy Graff, Hilary Makiwa and Kyle James

17.  Neurosurgery Emergencies and Trauma

Alex Alamri and Chris Uff

18.  Maxillo-Facial Emergencies and Trauma

Simon Holmes and William Rodgers

19.  Ear, Nose and Throat Emergencies and Trauma

Henry Zhang and Khalid Ghufoor

20.  Ophthalmology Emergencies and Trauma

Alice Thomas and Tahmina Pearsall

21.  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Trauma

Ted Welman, Susie Yao and Gurjinderpal Singh Pahal

Part 3 - General Surgery

22.  The Acute Abdomen

Amulya Rattan and Mahesh C. Misra

23.  Upper GI Surgery

Pallavi Huma Arya, Yasmine Tabakkah and Bijendra Patel

24.  HPB Surgery

Abhirup Banerjee, Ajit T Abraham and Hemant M Kocher

25.  Colorectal Surgery

Ian S. Reynolds and Deborah A. McNamara

26.  Abdominal Wall, Bowel Obstruction and Hernia

Mohammed Shams, Ajay Kapur, Areeb Mian, Rory Marples

27.  Vascular Surgery

Harpaul Flora and Sandip Sarkar

28.  Urological Surgery

Muhammad Haider, Pinky KotechaJeffrey Leow, Prabhakar Rajan, Prashant Patel and Benjamin W. Lamb

29.  Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Rehan Khan, Swena Kapoor and Michael Wong

30.  Paediatric Surgery

Devesh Misra and Ceri Elbourne


16.  Orthopaedic Trauma: Paediatric fractures

Karolina Siwicka, Christy Graff, Hilary Makiwa, Kyle James

  • 2024

  • 14

  • Renkli,Kuşe Kağıt

  • 750

  • İngilizce

  • 9781032841366


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