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Basic & Clinical Biostatistics: Fifth Edition 5th Edition


McGraw Hill Medical Books

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ISBN: 9781260460674
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Basım Sayısı: 5
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Basic & Clinical Biostatistics provides medical students, researchers, and practitioners with the knowledge needed to develop sound judgment about data applicable to clinical care. This fifth edition has been updated throughout to deliver a comprehensive, timely introduction to biostatistics and epidemiology as applied to medicine, clinical practice, and research. Particular emphasis is on study design and interpretation of results of research.
The book features “Presenting Problems” drawn from studies published in the medical literature, end-of-chapter exercises, and a reorganization of content to reflect the way investigators ask research questions. To facilitate learning, each chapter contain a set of key concepts underscoring the important ideas discussed.
•  Key components include a chapter on survey research and expanded discussion
   of logistic regression, the Cox model, and other multivariate statistical methods
•  Extensive examples illustrate statistical methods and design issues
•  Updated examples using R, an open source statistical software package
•  Expanded coverage of data visualization, including content on visual perception
   and discussion of tools such as Tableau, Qlik and MS Power BI
•  Sampling and power calculations imbedded with discussion of the statistical model
•  Updated content, examples, and data sets throughout

Basım Yılı2019
Basım Sayısı5
Sayfa Sayısı368
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Yazar(lar)Susan White

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Basic & Clinical Biostatistics: Fifth Edition 5th Edition

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics: Fifth Edition 5th Edition

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