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Drug Addicted Individu Als And Their Families


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Drug addiction is a fundamental problem which all societies fight against and think over. It negatively affects the individual, family and society; precautions must be taken against this problem. Two main themes should be focused in the fight against addiction; these are drug addicted individuals and their families as well as suppliers and merchants. The primary protective measure in the fight against addiction is to eliminate the elements who desire to get unearned income from addiction by abusing the youth who are at risk; and to implement deterrent measures by developing international policies against drug traffickers and their collaborators. This fight against addiction can be achieved with the coordination of countries. 

Opportunities and well-supported institutions should be developed to reintegrate, treat and rehabilitate the drug addicted individuals with scientific methods. The social circle of the drug addicted individual should also be included in the treatment process by including the family of the drug addicted individual to the process in the vocational practices. At the macro level, giving information and raising the awareness in all segments of the society will accelerate the process of fight against addiction.    

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Drug Addicted Individu Als And Their Families

Drug Addicted Individu Als And Their Families

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