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Tendon Surgery of the Hand


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Get the best results from the latest procedures with Tendon Surgery of the Hand, the only reference that offers comprehensive coverage of this complex and challenging area. World-renowned experts guide you through all of the newest techniques and technologies, equipping you to restore optimal function in your patients. It's your one-stop source for mastering today's best approaches to treating tendon injuries and disorders of the hand.

  • Successfully implement hot new repair techniques involving new suture materials, tendon sheath and pulley treatments, vascularized tendon grafts, and recent postoperative rehabilitation methods.
  • Improve your primary flexor tendon repair and rehabilitation treatment planning based on surgical and post-surgical care principles that clearly describe successful global methods and protocols.
  • Benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of an international group of surgeons, investigators, and therapists who offer unique and insightful techniques and advice.
  • See how to perform key techniques with exclusive operative videos online.
  • Access the complete contents online at expertconsult.com.
Basım Yılı2012
Sayfa Sayısı480
Yazar(lar) Jin Bo Tang

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Tendon Surgery of the Hand

Tendon Surgery of the Hand

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