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The Midwife's Pocket Formulary, 4th Edition


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ISBN: 9780702078613
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Now in its 4th edition The Midwifes Pocket Fomulary is the essential guide to all the drugs midwives encounter in their sphere of practice. Written in a practical and easy to understand stylesss the book provides information on how to manage and administer these drugs. Written by 2 leading experts in the field it covers everything you need to know.

  • Essential information, at a glance

  • Convenient, pocket-sized format

  • Clear, worked examples of drug calculations
  • Systematic revision and updated for each category of medication to reflect contemporary provision of maternity care
  • Underpinned by the new standards of proficiency for midwives (November 2019), the strengthened focus for all professionals on medicines optimisation, antimicrobial stewardship and professional guidance for medicines administration in health care settings published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • ‘Emergency Drugs’, and ‘Intravenous fluids’, comprehensively updated to reflect contemporary resuscitation pathways and advice for local anaesthetic systemic toxicity embedded in NICE, RCOG and UK Resuscitation Council guidance
  • Information and current advice for the use of antimicrobial agents– ‘Antibiotics’, ‘Antiseptics’ and ‘Antifungals’ to support up to date advice from NICE, the RCOG and MBBRACE for a range of circumstances in maternity care
  • Specific updated advice on the use of the specific medications; for example restricted use of anticonvulsant medication Sodium Valporate for childbearing women
Basım Yılı2020
Sayfa Sayısı368
Yazar(lar)Davey & Houghton

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The Midwife's Pocket Formulary, 4th Edition

The Midwife's Pocket Formulary, 4th Edition

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