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Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing, 4th Edition



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ISBN: 9780702070488
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The Evidence-Based Practice Manual successfully breaks down the skills required for evidence-based nursing into manageable components. The reader will learn how to find, critically read and interpret a range of research studies, and will discover optimal approaches towards helping patients reach decisions that are informed by the best-available evidence. The more-strategic concepts of developing an organisational evidence-based culture and making evidence-based changes at the organisational level are addressed in the final chapter. This popular book comes with helpful online exercises including NCLEX questions for the US readership.

    • Helps students learn to read and understand research results as a foundation for evidence-based practice

    • Easy writing stylesss makes a potentially difficult subject accessible and enjoyable

    • Explains how to search the literature and rank it according to the strength of its evidence

    • Case studies, scenarios and exercises ‘bring the subject to life’

    • Clearly explains the process of critical appraisal – quality of the study, interpretation of the results, and applicability of the findings to individual patients

    • Explains the various means of applying data from population studies to the individual

    • Offers practical advice on how to communicate risks and benefits to patients

  • Contains a glossary of useful terms
    • New editorship brings an international dimension to the content

    • Includes a new chapter on mixed methods studies

    • Expanded discussion of the evaluation of qualitative systematic reviews

    • Updated information on the implementation of guidelines and the current role of evidence in healthcare organisational policy

  • Now published in full colour throughout
Basım Yılı2019
Sayfa Sayısı220
Yazar(lar) Craig & Dowding

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Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing, 4th Edition

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing, 4th Edition

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