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The NeuroICU Board Review

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ISBN: 9781260011005
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The NeuroICU Board Review 1st Edition

The best Q&A, the best clinical cases, the best review for neurocritical care board certification!

The NeuroICU Board Review offers the ultimate preparation for neurocritical care board certification. It delivers a thorough overview of neurological disease states (pathology, pathophysiology, and therapy), neurosurgical management, critical care medicine (including medical, surgical, cardiac, and cardiothoracic critical care), as well as ethics and professionalism. This powerful review also includes realistic case vignettes and more than 700 questions and answers with detailed answer explanations to strengthen your understanding of critical care topics and prepare you for practice in the NeuroICU.

This comprehensive review is not only valuable for passing the neurocritical care boards, but also for reviewing neurocritical care topics found on board exams in neurosurgery, emergency medicine, neurology, and medical and surgical critical care. You will find this book is not just about the brain, as it also covers the complexities of all organ failures and general critical care topics.

Complete coverage of every topic found on the neurocritical care board exam
Questions were carefully selected to ensure they mirror the neurocritical care board exam in quality, difficulty, and content
Realistic case vignettes show you how to apply principles to real-world clinical situations
Valuable to trainees rotating through neurocritical care units, including neurology and neurosurgery residents, as well as fellows from other subspecialties who must be familiar with core neurocritical care topics
More than 700 questions and answers with detailed answer explanations and accompanying images, illustrations, tables, and references

by Saef Izzy, David P. Lerner, Kiwon Lee

Basım Yılı2018
Basım Sayısı1
Sayfa Sayısı554
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Editör(ler)Saef Izzy, David P. Lerner, Kiwon Lee
Ebat "cm"21,5*2*28 paperback

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The NeuroICU Board Review

The NeuroICU Board Review

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