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Extraordinary Cases in Emergency Medicine


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ISBN: 9781260031089
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A unique atlas of 350 extraordinary emergency medicine cases
Author Douglas Brunette, MD has amassed an amazing collection of emergency medicine photographs from his thirty-five years’ of service at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minnesota. From this collection, he has selected 350 cases for inclusion in this book. Each case begins with an image, or set of images, and then continues with concise, templated details of patient presentation, clinical features, differential diagnosis, emergency care, outcome, key learning points, and further reading. The images include HIPAA compliant patient photos, as well as medical procedures, and medical diagnostic imaging of all types, including electrocardiograms. 
• Cases are relayed in an interesting, sometimes humorous, but always respectful and educational manner• Cases range from “once in a lifetime” to what is commonly seen an emergency room

Basım Yılı2018
Basım Sayısı1
Sayfa Sayısı624
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Yazar(lar) Douglas D. Brunette

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Extraordinary Cases in Emergency Medicine

Extraordinary Cases in Emergency Medicine

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