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Color Atlas and Text of Histology

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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ISBN: 9781496346735
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Color Atlas and Text of Histology Seventh Edition
Leslie P. Gartner
Magnify your understanding of histology with Color Atlas and Text of Histology--the student’s go-to tool for histology mastery!

The Seventh Edition of this text and atlas combines traditional topics with modern research to provide medical, dental, allied health, and biology students with a concise review of all of the major tissue classes and body systems. Consistent presentation of histologic plates comprising relevant concise text and photomicrographs facilitates understanding as well as review both for in-class and licensing examinations. Helpful explanatory text in each chapter includes Introductions, new Histophysiology sections, Clinical Considerations, and Summaries of Histological Organization. Numerous tables have also been added to make the material easier to grasp. This atlas features more than 700 vivid, full-color and high-quality photomicrographs, scanning electron micrographs, and schematic illustrations to give students the full histologic picture.

New to the seventh edition:

Revised and updated text ensures that each chapter offers the most current histology and related concepts.
Reorganized chapter content clearly delineates morphology and histophysiology sections.
Expanded Histologic Techniques chapter elucidates various stains and techniques.
Abundant tables organize related topics for quick, easy absorption and review.
Clinical Considerations with clinical images demonstrate the link between histology and pathophysiology.
Full-page Graphics provide a representational orientation before zooming in on micrographs.
Helpful full-color thumbnail drawings complement micrographs for enhanced interpretation.
New appendix helps students distinguish between tissues that resemble each other.
New Review Plates at the end of each chapter.
An interactive question bank of multiple-choice review questions is available for students via thePoint.

Basım Yılı2018
Basım Sayısı7
Sayfa Sayısı599
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Editör(ler)Leslie P. Gartner

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Color Atlas and Text of Histology

Color Atlas and Text of Histology

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