The Anatomical Basis of Dentistry, 5th Edition

[Yazar]: Bernard Liebgott   
[Yayınevi]: Elsevier

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The Anatomical Basis of Dentistry, 5th Edition

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  • Basım Yılı:  2023

  • Basım Sayısı:  5

  • İç Sayfa Özellikleri:  Renkli,Kuşe Kağıt

  • Sayfa Sayısı:  480

  • Kapak Tipi:  Ciltli

  • Kitap Dili:  İngilizce

  • ISBN Numarası:  9780323824057

The Anatomical Basis of Dentistry, 5th Edition fulfills the need for a textbook of gross anatomy written specifically for the dental profession. It features core anatomy of the entire body and in-depth chapters dealing with the head and neck and provides a solid foundation for the future dentist and review material for the dental specialty resident. The 5th edition includes a revised chapter on supplemental anatomy for the general dentist and dental specialties, such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, and radiology, along with d illustrations and clinical applications. In addition, an eBook version is included with print purchase, providing access to all the text, figures, and references and the ability to search, customize content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud. Using a clear, accessible style, with practical Clinical Notes boxes d to include more of a case-based approach, this book closely relates the basic science of applied anatomy to the clinical practice of dentistry and provides an excellent review for board exam preparation.

1. General Concepts
2. The Back
3. The Thorax
4. The Abdomen, Pelvis. Perineum, and Basic Lower Limb
5. The Neck and Basic Upper Limb
6. The Head
7. Review of the Systemic Anatomy of the Head and Neck
8. REVISED! Clinically Applied Anatomy
9. Overview of Upper Limb
10. Overview of Lower Limb

  • 2023

  • 5

  • Renkli,Kuşe Kağıt

  • 480

  • Ciltli

  • İngilizce

  • 9780323824057


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