Clinical Cases Orthopaedic Surgery

[Yazar]: Eugene C. Toy   
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Clinical Cases Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Basım Yılı:  2015

  • Basım Sayısı:  1

  • Sayfa Sayısı:  464

  • Kitap Dili:  İngilizce

  • ISBN Numarası:  9781259072413

Experience with clinical cases is key to excelling in your rotations and post-graduate training. Case Files: Orthopaedic Surgery gives you 45 true-to-life cases that illustrate concepts critical to managing commonmusculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Each case includes a concise and accurate patient presentation, key exam findings, and clear radiologic images where applicable. Additionally, cases include in-depth discussions of the injury or condition represented, replete with evidence-based practice recommendations, basic procedural tips and techniques, and discussion ofpotential complications, pitfalls, and ultimate patient outcomes. Review questions and clinical pearls reinforce learning.

  • Learn from 45 high-yield cases, each with review questions
  • Master key concepts with clinical pearls
  • Polish your approach to clinical problems and think like a surgeon
  • Perfect for students, orthopaedic interns, and residents who encounter orthopaedic conditions in daily practice
  • 2015

  • 1

  • 464

  • İngilizce

  • 9781259072413


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